PROMOTECH constantly develops and applies an advanced technology to anticipate and fully satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.

Our machines have proved to be extremely reliable in a variety of practical applications. Every year, new ever more sophisticated products are launched. Custom made machines and complete welding lines are also designed and built for specific customers’ needs.

At present our product portfolio comprises more than 300 products including professional power tools, beveling machines, welding automation equipment, gantry welding systems and many others.

PROMOTECH provides its business partners with unique products, incorporating leading edge machine-tool technology, excellent handling and professional warranty & post-warranty service.

In addition to selling all product lines, we offer rental services on selected products.

Lizard Programmable Welding Carriage

Pipe Bevelling Machine (PRO 40 PBS)

Pipe Profile Cutting Machine (PPCM)

PRO 110 Hydraulic Puncher